Each year, 3.7 tonnes of coffee grounds waste is generated on the UNE campus alone.

CleanEarth coffee scrub project was born from our idea to upcycle and reuse spent coffee grounds from across the UNE campus cafés. yet anothe sustainable solution to tackle waste in Armidale.





Enactus UNE has found a way to signficantly reduce landfill and methane emissions from this otherwise wasted resource. We have created an exfoliating body scrub, an excellent value add product.We have designed 3 products to differentiate and increase market share. The aim of this project is to create a viable product with minimal environmental impact.


The outcome of a single 250g scrub reduces the environmental impact of spent coffee grounds produced by approximately 17 cups of coffee. 





We aim to mitigate the wastes of 4420 cups of coffee, annually. Partnerships will be formed to upscale and upskill where possible, with an aim to maximise the environmental and social benefit of the project.


cups worth of coffee

waste mitigated for each container of scrub



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